Look Up, Little Russian is a novel that describes the world of rich Russians as seen through the eyes of an English private tutor. Still bitter that MI6 did not recruit him at university, Jack Knight struggles to uncover mysterious events as he jet-sets around the globe with his Russian clients. Is it all a flight of fancy? Or could it be that the Kremlin is behind it all?

Author Theo Cross wanted a mock-up cover design for his book. He wanted to connect a Russian theme with something childlike, and filled with hope and imagination. The Matryoshka doll was my starting point: the larger dolls stare vacantly ahead, the fixed flowers on their dresses are representative of the dreams they gave up. It is the littlest doll who is hopeful and dreams about the bigger world out there. As she looks up from her book, her gaze follows the flight of the flowers which encourage her to follow her dreams.

Look Up, Little Russian will be published electronically in 2016.