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Shyhound is a fun resource for timid dogs and their guardians – plus an anthropomorphic view of life seen through a dog’s eyes.  With the, ahem, help of his owner, Banjo shares his tips on the best off-leash places across the US.

Born in a snowy ditch Queens, NY, and narrowly escaping euthanasia at only 5 weeks old, Banjo was adopted by Lauren and her husband in Brooklyn, where he spent his puppyhood. His humans taught him the basics (Sit! Leave It! Paw! Other paw!) along with bite inhibition – no mean feat for a little pup who was taken from his mother far too soon.  These days, Banjo is a highly sensitive middle-aged dog who has learned to spell some of his favourite things – including W-A-L-K’s.

In March 2011, Banjo travelled 4,153 miles across the US by car.  He took up the whole of the back seat from New York to San Diego, where he is now a resident.  His claim to fame is that his travels were sponsored by Kurgo.  Something of a professional traveller, one of his most popular posts of all time is Eleven Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip.

When he’s not blogging about his travels or the best off-leash places in California, you can find him at the B-E-A-C-H or trying to sniff the cat-from-next-door’s butt.

Shyhound-tiny-avatarAroo!! I Banjo and I iz a Shyhound. Dat meenz I iz a dog wiv a blog. Yoo can reed about mah advenchuhs on mah blog, Shyhound. And yoo can follow me on Woofer and like me on Facebark.